Waste Disposal and Recycling

Waste Management, Inc. is our contact for garbage and recycling. They can be reached at 716-496-5000.

On the first pick up day of the month (Bulk pick-up) Waste Management will collect up to 2 items without purchased stickers.  Residents are responsible for the licensed removal and disposal of all refrigerant from applicable white goods.

WM’s At Your Door Special Collection Service

Non-Hazardous Materials

Additional Non-Hazardous Household waste disposal resources can be found on the Erie County website:


Hazardous Materials

Additional Hazardous Household waste disposal resources for items containing freon such as refrigerators, dehumidifiers and air conditioners can be found on the Erie County website:



Electronics cannot be disposed of with curbside garbage pickup (e.g., televisions and microwaves).  Waste Management’s At Your Door Special Collection service can assist with a service to properly dispose of these items.   The Erie County website indicates Waste Collection Events also.

Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and other appliances

For those residents who need to dispose of refrigerators, freezers, microwaves, air conditioner (both room size and whole units), stoves, etc., check the Erie County website for the most up to date list of locations.